Wax melts are awesome. You know it, we know it. They fill a room with amazing fragrance and can be changed out for a new scent quickly and easily. Electric wax melters are all the rage and are available everywhere in an incredibly large variety of shapes and sizes. They are an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to have a tealight burning to melt the wax cradled above.

Although we don’t carry wax melters ourselves, yet…we do have TONS of scented wax melts in so many different fragrances. Our seasonal scents are available all year round so there’s no need to wait for your favourites to “come back”. In addition to our regular tart shaped Wax Melts we also carry a variety of unique and totally adorable “Fancy Wax Melts” in the shapes of different fruit pieces, sweet treats etc. Wax Melt Bars are also very popular…all the same great scents…simply packaged differently; convenient for storing if you happen to have a wax melt addiction.