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  • Scented Wax Melt Bar 3-Pack

    Each hand poured wax melt bar contains 6 scented wax melts. High quality paraffin wax with premium fragrance oil. For use in traditional wax burners with tealight or electric wax warmers. Choose up to 3 fragrances AND SAVE with this Scented Wax Melt Bar 3-Pack.
    Colours may vary and will correspond with scents chosen.
    Wax melter not included.
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  • Wax Melt Value Pack

    If you love variety when it comes to all things smelly this super deal on scented wax melts is perfect for you! Get 20 random assorted wax melts for less than $1.00 per melt!! WOW! Each melt is individually packaged in a clear poly bag with melting instructions/scent label on the back.Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! Don't miss out!
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Beach Collection Combo

    Enjoy all the beachy-ness AND SAVE!! The Beach Collection combo pack contains one of our new 12oz Soy Jars and an adorable bucket of Nautical Wax Melts of the same scent.If you are having a hard time deciding which awesome beach inspired fragrance to try first we have described each fragrance below.
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  • Scented Wax Simmering Bar Samplers

    Hand poured simmering bar sample packs contain 12 wax melts (3 each of 4 different scents). High quality paraffin wax with premium fragrance oil. For use in traditional wax burners with tealight or electric wax melters. 12 regular themes and 5 seasonal themes to choose from.
    Colours may vary. Theme descriptions below.
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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  • Scented Tealights & Wax Melts Pack

    A Pack For Every Occassion!

    This great little candle pack contains: 1 pack of Scented Tealights (6 tealights) 1 Simmering Bar of the same scent 2 packs of Fancy Wax MeltsThese hand poured packs of goodies make great gifts for every occasion! From house warmings and weddings to baby showers and Valentine's Day. From Easter to Christmas and everything in between. Choose from 14 different fragrances.
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  • Coffee Lovers 3-Pack of Dish Candles

    Get in to the holiday season with this great deal! The Coffee Lovers themed 3-Pack of our unique Dish Candles contains one Freshly Brewed Coffee Dish, one Raspberry Almond Coffee Dish and one Love You a Latte Dish. Enjoy the delicious fragrance of freshly brewed coffee, sweet raspberries, almonds, vanilla and hazelnuts. These adorable coffee themed candles make great gifts...Share with a friend or keep all 3 for yourself!All of our adorable scented wax chunks are hand poured. Approximate burn time: 50 Hours (each dish)
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  • “Surprise Me!” Variety Pack

    Who doesn’t love good surprises? In an email world it’s even more exciting getting mail that isn’t a bill or junk. Try one of our various themed “Surprise Me!” Packs to receive a good surprise in the mail along with GREAT savings! (Over $75.00 Value!)10 Sure To Please themes to choose from!Each “Surprise Me!” Pack contains:1 Dish 1 14oz Soy Mason Jar 1 2.5oz Soy Jar 2 Simmering Bars 3 Round Votives And an extra little surprise.All item scents in pack will vary but will correspond to the chosen theme.
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  • 14oz Soy Mason Jar

    HELP! With over 200 scents available, it's going to take us some time to add each Mason Jar scent with new label imagery to the website. Help us add more new labeled scents by ordering a 14oz Soy Mason Jar and your candle will be the star of it's own photoshoot! On sale now for a limited time only! Label imagery will correspond to each specific scent.Make your home smell GREAT for up to 100 hours or more!Our 14oz Soy Mason Jar candles are made with 100% natural soy wax. These candles burn clean, and last up to 30% longer than traditional paraffin candles – Over 100 hours!Each hand poured soy candle is infused with our premium candle fragrances. Now available in all of our 200+ fragrances!!Colour will correspond to scent chosen.
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
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