Cinnamon Heart Wax Melts
Cinnamon Candy

Cinnamon Candy


These heart shaped wax melts might look like delicious cinnamon candy but, unfortunately, they are not. Please do not eat the wax melts. To enjoy their strong cinnamon-y goodness we recommend melting them in a traditional wax melter with tealight underneath or in an electric wax melter.

Colours may vary.
Scent last approximately 16 hours.
Pan Burner Not Included.


So Cinnamon-y!

Cinnamon scented wax melts shaped like cute heart candies. Great scent all year round, also perfect for Valentine’s Day! These melts look and smell good enough to eat. Fill a room with their strong cinnamon-y goodness by melting them in a traditional wax melter with a tealight underneath or in an electric wax melter. Like all East Coast Candles fancy wax melt packs, scent lasts approximately 16 hours.

Each pack of East Coast Candles “Cinnamon Candy” fancy melts contains 6 heart shaped melts, packaged in a clear poly bag with kraft label and burning instructions.

Share the love by giving these adorable little hearts to that someone special. All you need is love…and the scent of yummy, hot cinnamon candy.

Create your own unique scents by mixing up your fancy wax melts into different combinations!!!
2 Cinnamon Heart Candy melts + 4 Green Apple melts = Spiced Apple!
3 Cinnamon Heart Candy melts + 4 Dark Chocolate melts = Chocolate Cinnamon! (Dark Chocolate fancy melts are Coming Soon!)
4 Cinnamon Heart Candy melts + Triple Berry melts = Berry Berry Spicy.

The list of potential combinations goes on and on…
What scent combinations will you come up with?

Colours may vary.
Pan Burner Not Included.

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