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Addie Fisher is a sustainable living enthusiast and expert. Drawing on her previous 5 years of blogging experience, Addie gives advice on making easy sustainable lifestyle choices and guidance on thrifty and vintage fashion trends on her personal blog, Old World New www.oldworldnew.us She graduated from the University of Arkansas in her hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture Studies and minors in Interior Design and Sustainability. After a short-lived career in engineering, architecture and virtual interior design, Addie has hit the ground running with her new-found career in writing.

Update Your Home Decor With Candles
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13 Ways To Update Your Home Decor With Candles

What was once used to bring light inside of a dark home is now part of modern decor. Candles have evolved from a necessity to an accessory. Contemporary candle designs have several themes, colors, and scents to help create a different scene and mood for each room and every surface in your home. Candles are a great way to add beautiful new dimension to your decor…

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