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Smells Like Love

And Don’t Forget The Chocolates…

Most (sane) people don’t start thinking about Valentine’s Day until at least February 1st. Or, more likely, February 13th. I, however, start thinking about the big day on January 2nd. This is not due to my extreme enthusiasm towards the occasion, but due to the fact that I am a small business owner selling products that frequently relate to holidays and special occasions.

Need an excuse to buy a candle…or several? Valentine’s Day is a great one. What better way to set the romantic stage than with ambient candle light and fabulous fragrance? Add in some chocolates, a few flowers…and maybe a bath bomb. BAM! Valentine’s Day success!

I, personally, am indifferent towards bouquets of flowers. Although beautiful, I can’t eat them and they don’t smell strong enough for long enough. Jewelry? No thanks, I can’t eat that either…and zero scent throw. Since I can make my own candles whenever the heck I please, just gimme all the chocolate and all the wine! (Dear husband, are you taking notes?)

I love going out to dinner with my husband, kid free. This is probably a must-do activity for most couples, with or without kids, on Valentine’s Day. Not us, it’s far too people-y out there. Am I right, my fellow introverts? Valentine’s Day can be the reason to go out to dinner ANY other day of the month of February.

I look forward to enjoying a lazy evening at home with lots of candles (which I have no shortage of), lots of chocolate (which I currently do have a shortage of), some wine and maybe a movie that is interesting enough to keep us both awake past 8pm. And if we manage to stay awake past 8pm, maybe crack out a luxurious handmade massage candle. 😉

If you do have a shortage of candles, unlike myself, or need to find the perfect addition to compliment those diamond earrings or bouquet of flowers, check out our wide assortment of Valentine’s Day candle options here! And don’t forget the chocolates! If they say they don’t really want chocolates, they’re probably lying.

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