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Handmade Candles Crafted in Canada

A Canadian candle company story: Selling wholesale candles across Canada

When it comes to candles – there are a few key things a customer is looking for.

Soy candles, like mason jar candles or wax melts, need to be clean-burning, smell incredible and add an aura of warmth and style to a home.

At East Coast Candles, that’s what we do.

We’ve been a Canadian Candle wholesale company since 1997. That’s more than 20 years of experience working with retail partners and delivering an incredible final product to customers.

East Coast Candles was born from the idea that candles should last longer. Customers are buying something to bring light and essence into their home. Why buy something that fades after just a few hours?

Our best-selling soy mason jar candles and scented wax melts are crafted with long-lasting, incredible-smelling quality. That’s what customers across Canada have been coming back to us for throughout the last two decades.

What does this mean for wholesale candles in Canada?

We’re proud to partner with retailers across Canada to bring our unique brand of hand-poured, Canadian-made candles to their customers.

Our candles are ideal for wholesale purchase in the gift, home and design marketplaces. We work with retailers of all sizes to deliver superior quality to your customers. You can find East Coast Candles in locations like gift shops, pharmacies, home decor stores, flower shops, spas, coffee shops and wellness stores.

Our commitment to quality extends to the level of care we have for retail partners. We’re available when you need us, ready to help you restock or determine the best marketing strategy for our products in your storefront.

Who buys East Coast Candles?

Our typical customer is looking for something personal. They want something handmade and made with care – the same care they put into the home they live in. Our soy mason jar candles, votives, pillars, wax melts and candle accessories are often given as gifts.

Our scent catalogue is large enough that retailers can pick and choose the fragrances they want to offer their customers. We also have market data to help you pick products that will sell well, whatever the season!
Want to do a bulk candle order or become a wholesale candle partner?

To get started please complete our simple wholesale application form or contact us with any questions you have.

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