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Get your SENSUAL on!

No need to wait for Valentine’s Day to give your loved one a relaxing, sensual massage! After a hard day at work, who wouldn’t love a massage to unwind and help forget about all the negativity flooding the news? Show your love and appreciation with the positive experience of a pampering massage. East Coast Candles now offers an ALL NATURAL luxurious Massage Candle that will leave muscles relaxed and skin soft & silky.

Not only does a sensual massage bring couples closer together, it also promotes relaxation, relieves stress, helps improve sleep quality, and reduces anxiety. And, these days, too much of our daily activities seem to cause anxiety. We could all use a good massage, couldn’t we?

Massage Candles are a great way to set the mood for an actual massage. They produce ambient lighting while the wax & oil blend begins to melt, releasing the aromatic fragrance of pure essential oils. Once the desired amount of wax & oil has melted, extinguish flame. Allow the wax & oil blend to cool slightly before applying. Test with finger. When the wax & oil blend has reached the desired temperature apply to fingertips and begin massaging onto skin. Improve immune system functions, overall energy flow and sense of well being.

So, parents, after the kids go to bed, get sexy & sensual with a relaxing, and probably much needed, massage for a fraction of the price of going to a massage therapist. Who has time for that anyways?

No kids? Massage any time of the day or night!


East Coast Candles All Natural Massage Candles contain natural beeswax & soy wax, shea butter, sweet almond oil, calendula oil, vitamin E oil and the following pure essential oils: Frankincense, Lavender, Rose Geranium and Tea Tree. This natural wax & oil blend will leave skin soft and silky.

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