Update Your Home Decor With Candles
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13 Ways To Update Your Home Decor With Candles

What was once used to bring light inside of a dark home is now part of modern decor. Candles have evolved from a necessity to an accessory. Contemporary candle designs have several themes, colors, and scents to help create a different scene and mood for each room and every surface in your home. Candles are a great way to add beautiful new dimension to your decor when you’re searching for a way to quickly update your home’s style in a budget-friendly manner.


Accessorize your tabletops with candles for a freshly scented pick-me-up! Place candles along the table runner or in an arrangement as a centerpiece. This is an easy way to turn an ordinary table into a luxurious table display.


Lanterns are beautiful on their own, but adding a flickering candle to them creates a beautiful ambience. Lighted lanterns make beautiful decor for patios and decks, fireplaces and mantels, and on tabletops. Even when they’re not lit, a lantern full of candles is another stylish way to enhance your home’s decor.


No matter what style of decor you choose to display on your mantel, a few candles help make it even more beautiful. Group votive candles in sets of 3 on either side of the focal piece, or place a large candle arrangement in the middle as the centerpiece.

Fireplace Hearth

Add the scent of gingerbread to your home while the fire burns and as you sip hot chocolate. No intense cookie baking required! Gingerbread candles would be a romantic addition to the hearth. Gingerbread scented wax melts are a great idea, too! If you don’t use your fireplace or if you want to keep it relevant through the warmer months, create a beautiful arrangement of candles within the fireplace. Pro tip: Use pillar candles on candle holders and place some of the pillar candles on the floor of the fireplace to create dimension and variety.

Decorative Fragrance Warmers

Fragrance warmers come in several different shapes and themes. Elegant decorative warmers can serve as permanent decor. Themed warmers, such as a Christmas tree or seasonal fall pumpkin make great holiday decor. Scents like Eggnog and Christmas Pine fill your home to make the seasons even jollier.


Place your votive candles or realistic fruit shaped candles on a mirrored surface on your tables for an added glow as the flame is reflected into your room.

DIY Votive Candle Holder Decor

Enhance your single votive holders by using a glue gun to attach your favorite item, such as a colorful leaf for fall, a heart for valentines day, a seashell for a beach theme, or rhinestones if you love to jewel and bedazzle things! You can even use scraps from different projects to create candle holders, such as old wine bottles.


Fill a clear, wide vase with pebbles, coffee beans, seashells, sand, or pearls and place a candle in the center. It is that easy to make an original and artistic candle display!

Serve Them On A Tray

Place a single candle on a tray with a book and an ornamental piece of decor, such as a vase with a flower or a star burst for an elegant display on your coffee table or ottoman. If you want to make a bigger impact, place several pillar candles and votive candles of the same color but of differing heights on the tray.

Cake Stands

When you’re not serving cake, use your decorative cake stands to place candles on. Sit a collection of three votive candles together on a cake stand as an accent piece in your kitchen, or place one candle on a cake stand and surround it with garland or seasonal decorative plants to display on your buffet.

Wall Focal Piece

Make candles the main piece of artwork on your walls! In lieu of a gallery wall of photos, use decorative votive candle or tealight holders to make a big impact. Arrange the candle holders in a simple pattern and place a votive candle or tealight in each one. During the day, the pattern will look like artwork. At night, light the candles to bring a new and invigorating element to the candle arrangement!


Take your mismatched teacups out of hiding in your cupboard or purchase teacups from your favorite retail or thrift store to use them as candle holders. Place a votive candle  in a teacup alone or surround it with coffee beans or colorful stones. Let the teacup adorn your side tables and dining table place settings for a dainty decorative touch.

Wine Glasses

Arrange a few wine glasses upside down on a mirror or along a table runner. Fill the inside of the wine glass with miniature Christmas tree ornaments, faux flowers, or fall foliage. Place candles on top of the wine glass base for a creative new look.

Candles have the power to change the mood of an entire room. No matter how you choose to incorporate them, their light, scent, and beautiful colours tend to lift moods. Most candles may be small, but the next time you want to update your home decor, candles can make a big impact!

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