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Mix Up Those MELTS!

The Combinations Are Endless…

Sure, we have TONS of scents to choose from….but don’t let that stop you from creating your own unique scent combinations! Scented wax melts are a great way to fill a room with wonderful fragrance. And if you’re not a fan of  “the flame”, electric wax melters are an excellent alternative to those that require a tealight to melt the wax cradled above.

If the bowl of your wax warmer is large enough you could use 2 whole melts of different scents. If not, it’s no problem to cut a wax melt in half, or even into quarters for easier melt mixing. Alternatively, scented wax simmering bars are already divided into smaller chunks and are easy to break apart, no chopping required. Also, most East Coast Candles signature Fancy Wax Melts are in a variety of smaller (and adorable) pieces.

Is sweet and spicy your thing? Try mixing Vanilla with Cinnamon! Or how about Cinnamon Buns mixed with Dark Chocolate? Chocolate Drizzled Cinnamon Buns sure sound delicious!

Let’s Go Wax Melt Crazy!!!

Cotton Candy + Dreamsicle + Coconut + Raspberry + Pink Sugar + Pineapple!! Now, there’s no way that doesn’t smell EXACTLY like a unicorn riding a rainbow ferris wheel on a tropical island, probably eating an ice cream. Am I right? I think I’ll try that one out myself.

There really are no “wrong” scent combinations, keeping in mind, however, that some scents are quite potent and might overpower those that are more mild. For example, Cactus & Sea Salt, Fresh Laundry, Country Heather etc…very strong scents. They might not play well with others, especially at a 1:1 ratio. They can be a little bossy. It would be interesting, though, to see who would win the fight if all these guys got thrown together.

Some other combinations that might be fun to try:

Apple Jack + Pecan Pie = Cinnamon Apple Crumble
Coconut + Strawberry Banana = Coconana Berry
Pineapple + Fresh Squeezed Oranges + Honeydew Melon = Sweet Citrus Smoothie
Lilac + Freesia + Citrus Breeze = Floral Breeze
Pomegranate + Pink Sugar = Pink Passion
Patchouli Orange + Sandalwood = Hippy Hippy Shake
Biscotti + Amaretto + Cafe Vienna = Delicious!

I could go on…
And on…

But now it’s your turn to come up with some awesome scented wax melt mixes of your very own! Get crazy and HAVE FUN!

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