Candle Burning Tips for Longevity

3 Candle Burning Tips for Longevity

Candle Wicks

The number one thing you can do to to help keep your candles around a little bit longer is to trim the wick as they burn. Some candles do have self trimming wicks (like our wooden wicks) and won’t need to be trimmed – but most candles will need a trim as you burn them. Keeping the flame the right size will not only make your candles last longer, but it will also reduce or eliminate smoking. Your wick should always be trimmed to about 1/4 of an inch.

Votive Candles

To extend the life of your votive, place it in a votive holder. Your holder should be the same size and shape as your votive leaving little to no gap between the candle and the glass. Sitting them out on a plate or saucer will allow the wax to run away from the candle and flame, thus reducing the life.

Burning Time

The length of time you let your candle burn each time will play a factor in how long the candle lasts. This will vary greatly depending on the type of candle you’re burning, but the goal here is once it starts really melting to blow it out and give it a rest (where practical). This is especially effective for jar candles, votives in a holder and our dishes.

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